Motorhome Sanitation Service - Smoke Damage
Motorhome Sanitation Service - Disinfect Fresh Water

Motorhome Sanitation Service Overview

If you have been travelling and are returning home from the US, we now offer a stand alone motorhome sanitation service. Our bio hazard technicians employ an area-based chemical solution spray that is left in the unit for 24 hours and then wiped down, eliminating all bacteria from plastics, metals, and fabrics.


Odour Damage

Does your motorhome or RV suffer from unpleasant lingering odours due to fire/smoke damage, or rodents/mice? Our odour removal service seals your unit for 24 hours and eliminates all unwanted odours.


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Disinfect Fresh Water

Did you know that your chlorine fresh water supply only lasts approx. 3 days in a motorhome water tank? We have the same system that most hospitals use to disinfect their water supply, using a stronger concentration of chlorine to ensure purity.

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