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What is hydronic heating?
A heating system that transfers heat by circulating fluid through a closed system of pipes. It’s also the foundation of Aqua-Hot heating systems and products.

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RV Products
Hydronic Heating systems offer the best in warmth and comfort, which is why Aqua-Hot engineered and designed their system as such. Offering several models – check out each to see which best fits your needs. 250P250D400P400D450D600D675D. Learn more about RV hydronic heating systems: how they work and their benefits.

Aqua-Hot Heating Systems:  Are Designed to Make Your Road Trips Remarkably More Comfortable

Looking for Aqua-Hot Tank Replacement or Repair?

Alberta Coach & Chassis can recoil your old Aqua-Hot and offer rebuilt or replacement options for a cracked tank.



Why We Do It Better

Alberta Coach & Chassis is an authorized repair, installation and warranty facility  for Aqua-Hot. We have over 20 years experience combined experience in diagnostics and repair.

1. Even Heating – There are no hot or cold spots.
Aqua-Hot heating systems are in-floor with multiple heat zones throughout your RV. Each heat zone, up to five, is equipped with a sensor. When a heat zone drops below the temperature you’ve set, the heat exchanger automatically circulates moist heat from floor to ceiling and side to side ensuring your entire living area remains a comfortable consistent temperature.

2. Instant Hot Water – Hot water with zero recovery time.
Water is pumped from your water supply through piping that is heated in your Aqua-Hot unit and then delivered to your faucets. As long as you have an endless supply of water, the on-demand system delivers all the hot water you need for shower after shower, laundry and dishes.

3. Quiet Heating – System is whisper quiet when running.
Warm air flows into your living area through quiet, gently circulating fans, leaving you to enjoy only the noise of nature, giving you the perfect environment for a nap or good night’s sleep. Plus, the gentle circulation keeps your interior air pressure even, preventing existing interior heat from being forced out and lost through cracks around the doors or windows.

4. Fume Free Heating – Low emissions technology for odorless heat.
Advanced, low emission technology virtually eliminates fuel odor for you and your neighbors. Noxious fumes have no place in your RV on in nature, so breathe free.

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