Motorhome Insurance Direct Billing

Motorhome Insurance Direct Billing

We offer motorhome insurance direct billing for all insurance companies from BC to Saskatchewan so you can get the work you need done immediately, and let us worry about getting in touch with your insurance company for payment. Please note that if some of the work required on your motorhome or RV is NOT covered by your insurance, you are then responsible to pay the remainder.


Here are some repairs that may be covered by your insurance or warranty:

• Hail Damage
• Water Damage
• Freeze damage
• Sanitation Failure
• Smoke Damage
• Fire Damage


Motorhome Extended Warranty

Are the repairs you need covered by your motorhome extended warranty? Great! We also deal with extended warranty insurance companies on your behalf to get reimbursement for repairs. Please note that some extended warranty claims can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks, depending on the circumstances and the company.


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